Routine primary healthcare procedures

State of the art in-house diagnostics

Top quality digital imaging services

Fully equipped operating theatre

The staff at Hoogland Dierekliniek are well equipped to handle routine primary healthcare procedures such as vaccination, de-worming and sterilisations.

We have the privilege of being able to offer our patients state of the art in-house diagnostics from our on-site laboratory, allowing affordable, convenient and efficient management of medical cases.

We can also boast top quality digital imaging services e.g. Ultrasound and X-ray facility.

Hoogland has a fully equipped operating theatre, including inhalation anaesthetic, respiratory, blood pressure and cardiac monitoring equipment. We commonly perform surgeries such as sterilisations, wound and abscess care, lump and mass removal and other soft tissue surgeries.

We offer senior wellness and weight loss programmes, dental health care, routine health checks as well as medical work ups.

Our primary concern at Hoogland Dierekliniek, is the patients’ best interests. We provide care of the highest quality and do so with compassion and attention to detail.

Make a booking with us and experience pet care with a difference.

Hoogland Dierekliniek