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REPTILES: – Melissa Kaplans Pages on various reptile species, with her main focus on Green iguanas. While most of the information is reliable, if you have a male iguana, please consult your reptile vet regarding potential behavioural changes and possible onset of inexplicable aggression once reaching maturity, as this can happen in a very small percentage of males.

SMALL MAMMALS: – A wonderful site linked to a major rat rescue society in SA. Lots of info, ratty products, and rat rescuers! – The sugarglider site of SA. Reliable information and assistance with all aspects of glider keeping. – The House Rabbit Society pages where one can find a wealth of information and great ideas. – This site has some great info, however, please discuss an appropriate diet with an exotic vet as hedgehog diets will depend on the individual hog. Also please note that it is not legal to keep indigenous hedgehogs as pets without a permit. However, there are many types of hedgehogs available which are legal, as well as tenrecs.

BIRDS: – Great ideas for toys that can be made at home to keep a smart parrot busy and happy! – A range of purpose made foraging toys for birds, as well as information on the importance of foraging to a bird. These foraging products will be stocked at the clinic.
– A site that all potential Cockatoo owners should visit before buying one of these wonderful but complicated and sensitive birds – provides basic information on various bird species available as pets.